Monday, March 24, 2008


I've changed the individual films' pages a bit, by trying to sidestep the boring single-column style with something a little more creative. It's particularly evident on the Varations page, a movie that boasts a bunch of great extras.

The Silver Lincoln is coming along nicely. We're two weekends away from production, I've cast my actors, and in fact just yesterday we held rehearsals. Locations are locked, the crew is coming together, and excitement is in the air! I'm looking foreword to a great production.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

"The Silver Lincoln" In Full Swing!

The Silver Lincoln, previously titled Mint, the eleventh and by far most ambitious short film of mine, is in full pre-production. Locations are being scouted and secured, auditions are being held Saturday, March 8th in Los Angeles, props and costumes are being designed and purchased, storyboards are being drawn up, and so on. There's a lot of work, but this time I've got a load of funding and, more importantly, a dedicated team of both old and new friends.

Producing Lincoln is Dennis Yeap, a focused and hard-working guy who transferred last Fall from Malaysia. The director of photography is Boa Simon, who I've worked with before on Variations on the Death of Gerald, Baggage, and Ragtime Ballad. He's a close friend and is crazy passionate about lighting and cinematography.

Coming on as assistant director is Dom Ricco, my longtime friend, who I could not have made it to this point without. We've been looking for another opportunity to work together since The Last Piece, and now we have it.

Editing Lincoln will be Daniel McLellan, another close friend who has worked in some way on every short of mine since I arrived at Chapman University, as well as editing Baggage. Composing the score for the film is, of course, Brian Andrews, who has scored Variations, The Last Piece, and Ragtime Ballad, and whose work never fails to amaze me. Finally, Christopher Manus, "Gerald" from Variations, will be joining the production in a small cameo role.

So as is evident, I'm going to have the pleasure of working with several old friends and trusted collaborators, as well as some new faces here and there. I'm very, very excited to begin production on Lincoln, as I think it will be my best to date, and I hope it will make a great short film on its own.

To movies!