Friday, April 18, 2008

Lincoln and Korea

I've just put up a new page for The Silver Lincoln, where you can see behind-the-scenes photos and the list of credits:

For now, there's not much else up, but stay tuned!

In other, much more exciting news, I've been selected by Chapman University to direct a short film as part of a fully-funded scholarship / travel course in June. The travel course is also an exchange program with students at a film school just outside Seoul, in South Korea.

Over the next couple months we'll be developing a script for the shoot. Then, for two weeks in June, the seven people involved in the short will be going to South Korea, to visit and learn from the students there. We help them and crew on their set, and then they come back here to California with us, to crew on our set. The whole thing - the travel and the production - is paid for by Chapman, which is very exciting. I'm really thankful to have been chosen for such an extraordinary opportunity.

More on that in the coming weeks!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Looking Good ...

Last Friday I went into telecine with The Silver Lincoln, and we watched dailies. It looks awesome - the above pic is a frame from one of my favorite scenes. I'm very excited to see the post-production process rolling.

Dan McLellan has been hard at work editing Lincoln, and so far the rough cut has gotten a great reception. I'll be putting up a page for the movie soon, but for now, I've put up the best of the behind-the-scenes photos, which you can view here:

In other news, Matt Sullivan, a friend of mine and peer at Chapman University, has come aboard La Nina as producer. Matt is a very talented and accomplished producer, and his help means a lot to me and the production. The script is still being drafted, but already the pieces are falling into place for a great short film.

Also, I've gone through my old photo albums and scanned in some of my favorite photos from old trips. Click on the photo below to see my updated photography gallery, including new pictures from India, Switzerland, and China.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

That's a Wrap!

The Silver Lincoln wrapped this weekend. We had three full days of shooting, and while we started late almost every day, we finished at least an hour early each day.

The cast was fantastic, the crew was great, and the whole experience was by far the best one I've ever had making a movie. A huge thanks to everyone who helped out.

Coming soon is a new page on the site for Lincoln, as well as many behind-the-scenes photos, storyboards, and more.

I'll be overseeing the film's telecine this Friday, and over the weekend, Dan McLellan will start editing. When he has a rough cut, Brian Andrews will start to build the score for the film. And in May, the film will be complete! Stay tuned for more updates.

In other news, I've started pulling my thoughts together on paper for my remake of La Niña del Desierto. Despite going through many changes, some extremely drastic, I think the final project will probably resemble the original pretty closely. We'll see how that turns out in the coming months.