Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"The Silver Lincoln" Trailer Online!

Brian Andrews, on the eve of his departure to New York for the rest of the year, completed The Silver Lincoln score. With that done, the film is officially complete!

I have put up a trailer on the Lincoln page, instead of the full film. Why just the trailer?

Well, I'm right now knee-deep in pre-production for the remake of La Nina del Desierto, which will be my senior thesis at Chapman University. This film will cost me a lot of money to make.

I'm therefore putting together a Silver Lincoln DVD, complete with storyboards, behind-the-scenes photos, and other features, which I'm selling for a modest $5.oo, plus shipping. Every dollar will go toward La Nina, which I am aiming to make the best short film of mine yet.

Most film festivals won't accept a short film that's available in full online anyway, so until runs its festival circuit or the funding for La Nina is secured, whichever comes first,

If you'd like to see the trailer, click below!

If you'd like to support independent/student short filmmaking, click the DVD below to contact me about receiving a DVD of The Silver Lincoln in all its glory!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Vault: Updated and Expanded

I finally got around to uploading some of my really old, worthy-of-the-Vault material. The Vault is now 7 short films mightier. Some are action, some are animated, some are comedy. Some are good, some are bad. All but one are less than 3 minutes long, some as short as 43 seconds.

They're old, they're short, they're fun, they're in:


Friday, August 15, 2008

New Photos, Storyboards, "Ragtime," and Press

I finally got the last three rolls of film from my trip to South Korea developed. They were black and white, but not C-41 process, so it had to be sent out to a special facility. To think that at one time, black and white film was cheaper than color...

Anyway, I've added a few of my favorites to the photography section. Click on the crab to go there!

I've also dug up storyboards from Ragtime Ballad and Baggage. You can click below to see those as well:

And speaking of Ragtime Ballad, I just put up a MUCH BIGGER version on the site! It's very big! It's bigger than the small one! Now you can see all the digital "dust" and "scratches" in glorious almost-full-screen. Enjoy.

Finally, the "Links" section is gone. It was never doing any good anyway. In its place is a new "Press" section. I've only been in the newspaper twice, but you never know when it'll happen again! I've been looking for a place to put those articles online anyway.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Introducing The Vault

I recently decided to showcase only the best and most recent of my shorts on the Archive page, rather than all of them. So for that reason I created:

I've already pushed a few films back there, but what I'm hoping is to be able to put up much older stuff in the Vault, like my old animations and the shorts made as class exercises.