Saturday, March 26, 2016

========================================== YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ==========================================


You’re not the only one. ITCHY FEET readers have long been clamoring for full frontal nudity in their favorite comic about travel and language learning, and I have been listening! 

Ever wonder why the little Itchy Feet guy and many other characters don’t wear clothes, yet they also aren’t naked? This is supposed to be a comic about real life situations! How can I expect you to take it seriously if I don’t respect the full range of human anatomy?

Well, no more! If fully nude potato-shaped stick-figures are your cup of tea, I’ve got a full teapot for you, and it’s called:

ITCHY FEET: X-RATED features all your favorite comics, completely re-drawn from scratch to take all aspects of the beautiful, natural human form into account. It's artsy, it's bawdy, and yes, it's very erotic.

Move your mouse over the following panels for a titillating preview!

Now you can laugh about the foibles of learning a new language and traveling the world AND enjoy male and female full frontal nudity in all its glory.

You asked, and you shall receive. You're welcome.