Sunday, August 8, 2010

Brand New Website, Student Academy Awards, AFF Spots

Welcome to my new and improved website! It's streamlined, it's tightened, it's retro. Have a look around!

While you're peering about you might notice a new project I recently finished up - three TV spots for the Albuquerque Film Festival. Check them out below:

La NiƱa del Desierto is also still going strong, coming up now on the 1 year anniversary of its festival run. Since Amsterdam and the Student Emmys, it's been a finalist for the Student Academy Awards, as well as hitting the benchmark of acceptance to 20 festivals. We've won Best Short in Fallbrook, Foursite, and Reno since May. The year will finish up with the Albuquerque Film Festival, and from there - who knows?

For now, it's time to focus on smaller projects, like these commercial spots, which give me an opportunity to work with my good friends again (see my Network to the right there), all incredibly talented folks. While we sharpen our talents on these small scale productions, I've got a much larger one in the works...