Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lincoln Screens, Korea Drafts

Tomorrow night at 7:00pm, The Silver Lincoln is screening at Chapman University's Knott Studios. Just this morning, Daniel McLellan (the editor) and I finished some last-minute music and sound effect tweaks. It's look and sounding fantastic, and it should be a great premiere.

I've been working with the writer, Darryl Wharton-Rigby, on the working-titled "Corner Store," which is the script that is being produced as part of the Korean exchange program this summer. It's still in its very early stages, so we'll be working on restructuring and resizing it to a level that's more manageable for the limitations we have. I'm confident that it will be a good film, and a great experience all around.

Since this post is lacking in colorful pictures, I will direct you to Zia Films, where I've recently overhauled the design to something I feel is more in tune with the themes and ideas that I'm interested in.