Monday, August 31, 2009

New "La Nina del Desierto" Website!

After a long enough time, I've put together a dedicated website for La Nina del Desierto. Check it out by clicking on the morose Javier:

It includes all kinds of wonderful stuff, including the new trailer! And information about the new DVD which is almost complete.

I just finished the making-of doc today, and it clocks in at a staggering 35 minutes. It's the longest piece of filmmaking I've ever put together. It's a very thorough look at the making of the film. If nothing else, it's a good alternative to a scrapbook for myself.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Old Spice Spec Commercial and a Cartoon

We just finished and submitted our entry for Old Spice's spec commercial contest. Check it out:

The concept was by Boa Simon and myself, Boa shot and colored it, Michael Nie was the camera operator, Katy Echols is the lovely leading lady (I'm the bewildered chump at the end), Kyle Bjordahl drove the camera rig and gripped, Dan McLellan edited it together and did the special effects, and Brian Andrews composed the score. I directed and did the sound design.

Here's hoping we win!

In other news, I was digging around in a box of DV tapes I have, and I stumbled across some footage of a notebook in which I'd drawn frames for an animated cartoon. I don't remember drawing them, or filming the notebook for that matter, but I edited it together anyway! Enjoy: