Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Corner Store" and "Silver Lincoln" up in Hi Res!

My two latest films are now up online, very large, on their respective pages. Check them out!

Eventually I hope to have the rest of my shorts up as large as these.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Corner Store" Page Up, Video Conference, and "Nina" Updates

Corner Store is finally 97% complete, meaning it's missing one music cue and a few of the shots are still HVX digital shots instead of 35mm like the rest, but it's complete enough to show. Check out the new page:

On the page you'll find more information about the short and a bunch of hi-res frames from the film itself, which looks gorgeous in HD. I'm looking into finding the best way to upload the film online - I want the quality to be as good as it can be for a streaming film.

Just last week we had a video conference with Korea in Chapman's giant theater, where we premiered Corner Store and the film that we helped crew on in Korea, Children's Games, as well as a documentary about the whole exchange experience.

As luck would have it, the entire hour-and-a-half video conference is available online. You can watch, as separate chapters, the Intro, which explains the program and introduces all the main players, and the Conclusion, in which Stephanie Altishin, Corner Store's producer, and myself hold a Q&A with our Korean counterparts.

I've also been working hard on La Nina del Desierto. I met with Joaquin Garrido, a potential to play Javier, and he seemed eager to take the part providing his schedule allows for it. Daisy Robinson, the production designer, has been digging up wonderful props for the film, and a week ago I went out with some of the crew and tech scouted our locations. Boa Simon, the DP, and I started designing our shots based on my storyboards and shot a few tests:

The 2.35:1 aspect ratio is intentional - that's what the final ratio will be. When all is said and done it will be really interesting to compare the storyboard, the test shot, and the final frame to see how certain shots evolved.