Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Site Look!

After a very long day, I've revamped the site! It's got a slightly new look, new navigation, and new additions - such as my reel:

Overall I think it's a definite change for the better. The films page is still old, because that's going to require a major overhaul. For now - enjoy!

Monday, July 20, 2009

New Photos, Old Spice Spec Commerical, Cecils Pics

I spent the last six weeks traveling through Europe with my family - Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, and France - and now my Photography section has been updated! Just click the image below to check 'em out:

Shortly after returning from my travels, my good friend and cinematographer Boa Simon called me up about doing a short spec commercial for an Old Spice contest. So yesterday afternoon and pretty much all through the night into early morning Boa, myself, and a skeleton crew shot this absurd spec with an even more absurd rig:

That's a Fisher dolly strapped to the side of our equipment truck, with the camera on the end of it. Boa and Michael Nie, the operator (who was also on La Nina del Desierto), stood back there and shot out through the open back door. The idea was that we get some head-on shots of this sports car driving along. Which is what we got!

Finally, here are some photos of the 2009 Cecil Awards, in which La Nina del Desierto won Best Picture, Best Director for myself, and Best Cinematography for Boa Simon. It was a great evening!