Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Lincoln" Storyboards Up!

I just uploaded the storyboards from The Silver Lincoln, which include some comparisons with some of the final shots. I'll put up some more comparisons soon. Click on Chester below to check them out!

I know The Silver Lincoln itself isn't up yet, but that's just because it isn't done yet. Brian Andrews, composer extraordinaire, is still finishing up the score. It'll definitely be up as soon as that's done!

Friday, July 18, 2008

"Ragtime" Now in Glorious Flash!

Thank God for Flash. Before now, Ragtime Ballad, in its Quicktime incarnation, would skip and jump erratically when played for no discernible reason. Now, I've got it up on a nifty Flash player with bells and whistles to boot. Check it out!

In a few weeks, when I get the chance to do a recompression, I'll replace that one with a bigger, crisper one.

I've also put up Flash pages for the behind-the-scenes videos from Variations on the Death of Gerald and Irretention. Be sure to give those a whirl. And check out the post just below this one for info on the recent revamp I did on the site!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Website Revamp!

For a while I've been noodling ways that this site could be improved, and today I finally sat down and implemented all the changes I'd been working on. Sure, nothing looks different yet, but check out the Archive and any of the individual films' pages. It's more streamlined, more informative, and, I think, snazzier. But I'm just one man - let me know what you think!

The Links page has also been stripped down, mostly thanks to the news that Zia Films, as a production company name, has already been taken, and Take 24:7 is going through an overhaul. Even so, only Boa, of my friends, has a functioning website, and so it's basically the Link to Boa's Page right now. Eventually I'll be replacing Links with Press, after I scan the newspaper articles.

But most exciting of all is the fact that I just dug up an old CD that had behind-the-scenes pictures and storyboards from old films of mine! So check them out below!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wrap on "Corner Store!"

On Sunday morning, July 6th, we wrapped production on The Corner Store, after four long night shoots.

This film was part of the Korean exchange program in which I participated. The experience was very rewarding - it allowed me to work on 35mm film, to build characters and scenes with the actors and DP on a much more fluid level than ever before, and of course, I got to go to South Korea. Tonight the Koreans, many of which are now good friends of ours, depart for Seoul, and the long post-production process will begin.

I hope to have photos and a new page up soon!

And, of course, The Silver Lincoln is still in the twilight hours of post-production. Brian Andrews, the composer, has been working diligently on perfecting the score for the film. When that's complete, we'll see it up here.

There is some bad news. Turns out that Zia Films is already a functioning movie production company in Los Angeles. This means that I will have to dream up some other production company to work under. I suppose that's just as well, though I'm not sure why.