Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Six-Spoked Wheel of Collaboration

Tomorrow will convene the second meeting of an upcoming production that is really very exciting. On the set of my friend and colleague Scott Sullivan's latest short film (my position was that of the noble dolly grip), Scott posed the idea of doing a Four Rooms-like film. The idea took root, phone calls were made, brows were furrowed, creative fumes were unbottled, and now the idea is a very real and very interesting one.

Though the project is still in its infant stages, the foundation is sound. Five directors from our Chapman graduating class of 2009, Scott Sullivan, Candace Lewis, Daniel McLellan, Adam Fox, and myself, each with a unique visual style, and thematic interests, will each write and direct a 15-minute short film which meditates on the subject of one's last day on earth - essentially, death. These short films will share characters, locations, props, possibly even scenes, to make them feel part of a whole. They will then be combined and bookended by a short parenthetical prologue / epilogue, written and directed by a sixth party, to unite everything.

The result will be a feature film which explores six interconnected perspectives on death, brought to life by the self-critique and creative collaboration of six writer/directors.

At the least it will be a fascinating experiment, but it has the potential to be a truly amazing film. Needless to say, I'm jazzed.

My segment, "Goldfish," about a comatose man whose mind is preparing itself for death, has a first draft written. Tomorrow we'll be discussing further production challenges and setting up timelines. We'll also soon be setting up a dedicated website and blog for the production, where all six of us will be updating our particular nooks. Look forward to that!