Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Best Promotion Ever

In the middle of June I moved to Berlin.

Two weeks ago I signed up to boom operate a little web series called "Blink." Things were going fine - I was really more interested in meeting film people than boom operating.

Four days ago, the original director dropped out ("creative differences"), and the AD called me at 2am to ask if I wanted to direct the remaining episodes, as well as re-shoot some that the crew and actors were unhappy with.

I said - but of course.

I imagine that's the first and last time I'll be promoted from boom op to director during a shoot.

The "slate"


Production meeting
All photos courtesy the talented and handsome Dan Safier.

"Blink" is about a Canadian fellow living in Berlin who discovers he can teleport, and his various misadventures. Every episode runs just a few minutes long, and is currently in post-production.